Sweet Sues Bakeshop has a new owner as of January 2021!

Hey there! I am Dez and I am super excited to take on this awesome bakery. I have been in North Beach for just under two years and fell in love instantly. My love for Sweet Sues began the first summer I was here and worked as the weekend baker. Right from the beginning I knew if I could ever own the bakery I would. Fast forward a little over a year later it happened!

I have always had an interest in baking and cooking and became obsessed with coffee when I worked at a coffee shop when I was 18. I then researched about opening my own espresso stand and did when I was 19. A few years later I opened my first restaurant and found my passion was baking and had a successful bakery and restaurant for 10 years. This is my fourth business now having sold my last bakery in Washington State before I relocated to Maryland.

After selling my first bakery, I took some time to focus on my kiddos and have a much needed break. During this time I also started my baking blog dezthebakist.com where I share my favorite recipes and baking tips. Now that my kids are a bit older, I am ready to get back into it. I have missed baking for people!

Sweet Sues has been a staple in North Beach for quite a while now. I hope to continue this and bring even more yummy recipes to my wonderful patrons.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we see you in person soon!

-Dez the Bakist